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SAN-EARTH® M5C Conductive Concrete
     (Ground Enhancement Material)

Invented and patented by Sankosha, SAN-EARTH® M5C is used to build conductive concrete grounding electrodes. SAN-EARTH M5C is manufactured in accordance with Sankosha's ISO 9001 Quality Standards. Independent third-party testing confirms that SAN-EARTH M5C meets IEC Standard 62561-7 (“Lightning Protection System Components (LPSC), Part 7: Requirements for Earthing Enhancing Compounds”) which specifies the requirements and tests for earthing enhancing compounds producing low resistance of an earth termination system. SAN-EARTH M5C electrodes are easily installed by spreading the dry powder in a strip over and around a counterpoise conductor in a horizontal trench. When the trench is refilled SAN-EARTH M5C absorbs moisture from the surrounding soil and hardens to become a conductive solid. The surface area of the electrode is dramatically increased, resistance to ground is substantially reduced and surge impedance is lowered significantly. Read the SAN-EARTH Technical Review for more details about grounding with SAN-EARTH M5C

SAN-EARTH M5C is also effective in building vertical electrodes. Typically installed as a slurry around the electrode in a hole 3-6 inches in diameter, SAN-EARTH M5C ground enhancement material molds itself to the walls of the hole and hardens. Ideal contact with the surrounding soil is achieved and the diameter of the electrode effectively equals the diameter of the hole.

The consistent performance of SAN-EARTH M5C grounding systems has been monitored for 30 years. Independent testing has proven SAN-EARTH M5C is environmentally safe and has shown that SAN-EARTH M5C covered copper electrodes last ten times longer than bare copper ground wires.

SAN-EARTH M5C electrodes provide the low resistance ground that is essential to any lightning protection system. Good grounds are possible even where soil resistivity is high. SAN-EARTH M5C grounding electrodes are economical, environmentally safe and permanent.

SAN-EARTH M5C Datasheet for Grounding
SAN-EARTH M5C Datasheet for Cathodic Protection

Learn the basics of grounding. Read the SAN-EARTH Technical Review.

Learn the basics of grounding. VIDEO: Earth Grounding and The Optimal Solution – SAN-EARTH M5C.


  • Cellular Telephone Sites
  • Wind Farms
  • Electric Power Substations
  • Central Office Facilities
  • Microwave Towers
  • Electric Transmission Systems
  • Computer Systems

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